There’s lots of free music all over the web. I spend most of my time on bandcamp and I come across free stuff sometimes. I’ll post any good links here.

Scepticz – The Host (Free DL)

August 5, 2019

Smooth vibes from this free track (thx!) from dutch producer Scepticz, enhanced by those eastern sounding vocals, usually found on more trancey records. 


Kaos aka Dub’l C (Free DL)

August 4, 2019

Stumbled across these while listening to some new releases on the french labels.Not new or anything (2012 and earlier) but it's ragga jungle that fits my pocket atm, ie free! Some groovy mixes and dubs especially on the Radio Kaos compilation. Not much soundcloud activity, 2 years ago, but then again I hardly use that site either. Art Authentik has french vocals but everything else is in english. Kaos aka Dub'l C. Presents: Now Is The Dubplate Time by Simon Mandala & The Mandala-Mystics Radio Kaos Volume 1 by Kaos aka Dub'l C. Art Authentik by Tribuman Feat. Kaos aka Dub'l C.


Miss Red – K.O. Dubplates

June 29, 2019

Big thx to the Pressure label for these freebies. K.O. Dubplates by Miss Red From the labels page : "It's been a thrill to start up the PRESSURE label in 2018. Beginning with my FLAME 1 collab with the incredible craftsman Burial, via Miss Red's reign of fire, and ending with Jamaica's dread poet Nazamba, and Japan's underground militants G36, it was truly a pleasure to globally spread the dub, dancehall, bass and dirt... I decided to pass these dubplates (which had previously only exclusively featured fleetingly on my FACT magazine 'PRESSURE' mix), as my way of saying thx to all those that have supported my label throughout the year, and my club nights that inspired me to set up the label... Right now, with so much dull club music clogging up eardrums and charts, its a joy to spread these fierce, feral fresh, dubplates." Major props to Trigga and Jamakabi for becoming PRESSURE fam... And large thx to Nick Sayers for the Miss Red cover pic. Lastly big bug hugs to Abdullah, Matt and Conal for the invaluable help... credits released December 19, 2018


Ezor – Storm (free download)

February 23, 2019

Ezor - Storm by Lifestyle Music Stumbled upon this freebie this morning from the Lifestyle Music label. Techy sounds, check it yourself. Before I joined BC several years ago I was probably only familiar with the more well known labels/artists. It had never occurred to me to look a bit deeper. So many. And not just quantity, quality too. At first I didn't recognise any of Lifestyle's artists and almost ignored the whole label. What a mistake that would have been because some of them, such as Revaux, Klinical and Objectiv to name a few, are now amongst my favourites.


Ill Truth – Stressed Out / Real Talk (2019 single)

February 15, 2019

 Of the 2 tracks, real talk has a nicer flow for me. Anything by these guys usually jumps the listening queue. A lot of good dnb tracks/releases over the past few weeks too. For the moment, might aswell concentrate on the ones that match my wallet size lol Lots of good dj mixes and sets that'll keep my ears busy too. Might treat myself to 1 or 2 eps this wkend,  but next week I need to knuckle down n get busy with more urgent needs.