Scary trees.

Spent most of yesterday trying progs filters etc etc. Animation side of video editing is really interesting. Ok, the track I used in this vid ain’t so recent , Apostroph – Bounty Hunter (a vip remix ep was recently released too).

I do quite like the animated trees , (not by me), hypnotising and a l’il bit trippy..


Randall – D&BTV #221: Randall Pres Pieces (2017)

Although I like allsorts of music, my clubbing pref would be a darkjungle set. A lot of great djs in this genre but Micky Finn and Randall are probably my favourites.

This set from Randall is pure sickness from start to finish. I’ve set the start time just before he goes into full flow but play it from the very start if you got an hour free, it’s pure fire.

Before you know it, everything has gone deep, dark and rolling. Life doesn’t get better than this!

Actually, it does. Randall takes you into even deeper and darker territory and you are loving it.

If you are anything like me you’ll have lost control long ago and be dancing round the place like a crazed nutter. (But a very happy one!)

October mix on

OK, title is a bit misleading lol. Replace ‘all‘ with ‘small cross-section of‘ 😛

Was looking for a site where I could mix ‘live’. Youtube was easy to setup but found afterwards that the editor was inadequate and awkward to use. Wouldn’t let me download it either.
Tried a site called livemix, couldn’t connect my software on umpteen attempts. seems to be the place I was looking for.

Software ‘froze’ a few times, noticeable about 1hr25m into the mix but haven’t noticed it anywhere else, although it happened several times. All my mixing is fun only, so expect fuckups lol