Free 11 track dnb lp from Latent Notion (UK 2007)

I’m not a huge fan of liquid dnb or female vocals with dnb in general but that’s probably because a lot of generic sounding tracks fall into those groups.

Not the case here. Pleasantly surprised by this album, the songs have all been well written and crafted. I didn’t dislike a single one, quite liked the vocals too, which is rare. I’ll definately give this another listen sooner rather than later.

DJ Flight Live – EOC @ Herbal August 2005

When it comes to jungle, it seems the older the better! Wasn’t in London at this time but this is the style of jungle I remember and prefer ! (makes me wanna dance) Jungle vibin’ from start to finish!!

Great mix (Mc is superb too).

Spent the last day listening to new releases on bc and still not finished. Wanna try anotha mix but need to finish on bc first.